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Culture Catalyst Inc. serves small-to-medium organizations in tourism, tech, non-profit, and other industries across Canada and the U.S. We help our clients solve business problems with diversity & inclusion and human resources strategies.

Our Approach

We are driven by our mission to create a more equitable world where all people can live the good life regardless of their original circumstances. With strategic, integrated talent management and diversity & inclusion solutions, we help organizations leverage their primary asset, their people, to achieve exceptional business results.

Culture Catalyst
Culture Catalyst

How We Help

Our experts guide you in envisioning the ideal state of your organization and developing solutions to accelerate the changes needed for long-term, sustainable growth. We work together to develop strategies to better manage your diversity and to create an inclusive and equitable employee experience that can unlock your organization’s – your people’s – potential.

  • Stategic Vision & Leadership
  • Equitable Systems & Structure
  • Effective Diversity Management
  • Inclusive Recruitment & Retention
  • Integrated & Inclusive Talent Management

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