Service-Oriented Management Consulting Firm for
Small-to-Medium Organizations


Culture Catalyst Inc. is a management consulting firm for small-to-medium organizations. We specialize in diversity & inclusion and human resources strategies to help our clients leverage their primary asset – their people – to achieve exceptional business results.

We work together with our clients to collaborate on developing, optimizing, and innovating their people strategies to create an inclusive and engaged working environment. We support our clients a number of ways including D&I and HR support, recruitment, management consulting, strategy, leadership development, performance enablement, policies & procedures, compensation, to name a few.



We envision a more equitable world where all people can live the good life and reach their potential regardless of their original circumstances.



We strive to accelerate the changes needed to allow more people to contribute their talents to help solve the world’s biggest problems.



As Culture Catalysts, we spark and accelerate the changes needed for human beings to thrive sustainably. We focus on workplaces because human ingenuity converges here to create exponential value for others. We consult with leaders on how to build inclusive and inspirational organizational cultures. We work with teams to positively change mindsets and systems so they are equitable and inclusive of the diverse talent needed to succeed.


In realizing our vision, we hold ourselves accountable to these guiding principles:



  • We see the limitless potential in life, in ourselves, and in those around us
  • We work to expand the pie so everyone can benefit
  • We give more, knowing we will receive more


  • We speak truth to power, standing up for what Is right, even if there Is opposition
  • We act on our convictions, in accordance with our values, even if they are unpopular
  • We continue to learn, unlearn, and re-learn better ways of being, thinking, and doing


  • We sense what others are feeling and what makes them tick
  • We see the perspectives and motivations of others
  • We know there is no single-issue struggle as we all live multidimensional lives


  • We put the conditions in place so everyone can reach their potential
  • We ensure each person feels accepted and treated as an insider by everyone
  • We promote psychological safety so everyone can express their authentic selves


  • We create value for the common good
  • We see the future we can create and put the systems in place to make it a reality
  • We communicate the potential we see in others so they can see it within themselves


  • We take responsibility for the energy we bring into every interaction with each other
  • We collaborate in a way where we feel trusted and supported to do our best work
  • We bring smiles to other people using humour to see the light side of things in a way that doesn’t diminish anyone’s dignity

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